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About us

Lavender & Lilac offers an intimate and personalised experience when choosing a headpiece for a bride or groom’s wedding day or for someone’s special event. We offer not only intricately handmade pieces, but also the option of customising our existing pieces, or creating something new entirely. All of our designs hold a dainty and delicate feel and are inspired by our love for all things floral. We specialise in creating Keepsake Flower Crowns which are flower crowns that can be worn time and again and can be kept as a memory of your special day. We also make a wide range of crowns, combs and hairpins.


As we believe someone’s wedding day is such a momentous and memorable event, we strive to create pieces that are deserving of something so special. Therefore, everything is handmade, from the pieces themselves, to the custom made packaging, to the hand-written tags. We now also offer a MONOGRAMMING service which is exclusive to our brand, an extra special way to personalise your headpieces. This is why we believe Lavender & Lilac so unique. 


We are a Sydney based brand looking to spread our L&L love across the world..