Fashions on the Field Millinery Award 2018

This is a bit of a late post but it was such a big milestone for L&L and therefore I still wanted to share the experience. This year was my first time competing in the Myer Fashions on the Field Millinery Award, held on Kennedy Oaks Day at Flemington Racecourse. This experience was shared with my beautiful model and friend, Daisy Rossler. We didn’t make it to the final round but it was an amazing honour to be selected to compete at such an iconic event and amongst so many richly talented milliners.

Below are excerpts from the portfolio I submitted to enter the competition. It was incredibly important for me to create a piece that was both worthy of the event but still recognisably Lavender & Lilac in aesthetic. This piece holds the dainty, floral and feminine vibes L&L is known for, just on a much grander scale. I love how the delicate floral structure is juxtaposed with the rigid silver metal, a design feature I hoped would make it stand out from the more traditional millinery designs you would expect to see during the Spring racing season.

As part of the competition guidelines, the millinery piece had to be showcased with a complete Spring racing outfit. I chose a floral printed, pastel yellow blouse with large puffy sleeves which beautifully complemented the headpiece as it held a feminine, floral feel, but still had boldness in its structure. The white wide-leg pant was youthful and chic, and the look was finished off with a pair of simple nude heels.

While I would have loved to say that I had worked on this look and the creation of the headpiece months before the submission date, I unfortunately hadn’t had the luxury to do so. Between my regular “day job” as a nurse, studying part-time at uni, having recently bought and moved into a new home, and all of life’s other distractions, working on the millinery competition had unfortunately been put on hold. It almost came to a point where I thought I would have to postpone entering until 2019. Thankfully however, Daisy had encouraged me to enter, reminding me that this was a goal I had set for myself a year before. So with only two weeks left before the deadline, I designed and hand-made the headpiece and styled the overall look. And with only two days left before the deadline, Daisy and I took my SLR, walked through the streets of Balmain in Sydney’s Inner West, and shot the photos for the portfolio. It had also been too late to book a hair or make-up artist, so for the first time ever, I took on both roles as well. Immediately after the shoot, I edited the photos, created the portfolio and submitted our application just in time.

It was a crazy, fun and stressful experience, which I was lucky enough to do with a good friend. As you can imagine, we were ecstatic to have made it into the competition given the circumstances. It was amazing experience going to Melbourne on Kennedy Oaks Day and seeing the beautiful craftsmanship of all the other designers. It only made me more excited to go bigger and better for next year!

Dawn PerezComment